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Is applying for a credit card with fake SSN a crime?

I have heard from a few undocumented aliens wanting to find out how come so many illegal immigrants have fraudulent Social Security numbers with which they have opened bank accounts, credit cards, received car and home loans, and needless to say, worked and filed taxes (while also receiving refunds from the IRS).  Can they do it?  What problems does it pose?  What penalties are there, if any, because so many of these unauthorized immigrants seem to have perfectly normal lives? So let us first talk about having a false SS# with respect to United States laws , whether it is completely phony (that is a number pulled out of a hat by crooks who sell forged documents online or in immigrant neighborhoods) or belongs to dead individual or a child or belongs to another individual who has either allowed you to use that number (you can not legally allow someone to use your SSN but you can definitely say that you will not report that as a crime) or you have simply decided to use that number

Why is my DACA application transferred to local USCIS office?

Several DACA applicants are reporting that either they have been notified by the USCIS or they have noticed that online that their application, after waiting for 90 days for approval , or even worse six months in some cases, have been transferred to the USCIS field office.  They have been told there is nothing else for them to do and to wait for further instructions from the agency.  Exactly; like in most matters dealing with USCIS, it is best to wait.  Calling them or trying to contact a politician to influence the process is a waste of time.  The process has to take its course and it is better to just wait; you also need not worry that somehow your application will be delayed or denied or something else will go wrong (the right way to think about it is that if you have done nothing wrong and your application deserves to be approved, then, it will be; on the other hand if you do not deserve to be approved, even if it is not transferred to a local office, it will still be denied).  Bu

Consequences of masking SSN on W-2

I have always believed that providing paystubs with fake Social Security numbers to the USCIS as proof of being in the United States is entering slippery slope for illegal immigrants.  By doing so, not only have you admitted working without authorization , you have also provided solid evidence to the prosecutors in case the Government decides to prosecute you.  Regardless of the justification that you might have in your head for working illegally , as far as US laws are concerned, it is a crime.  Only if the Obama Amnesty passes forgiving these criminal actions can you be sure that your unauthorized employment will not come to haunt you. Obviously, worse than working without papers is hiding the information from the authorities.  It is US law for you to report all your income -- even illegal -- to the Internal Revenue Service by filing a tax return .  And as some undocumented aliens have been discussing online in forums, you cannot hide the false Social Security number on a W-2

Consequences of working with ITIN or fake Social after getting valid SSN

Since most DACA recipients are unable to update their Social Security numbers at their current place of work , they are continuing to work with whatever false information they provided to their employer when they first took that job.  This is clearly violation of what the United States government expects of immigrants who have been grant legal immigrant status of any kind.  Indeed, it is fact that SSN can almost never be changed and remains the same your whole life, the right path forward for anyone who used a phony number before is to start over.  This means that you may have to quit your current job and say goodbye to whatever other benefits you received from stealing an identity .  Continuing to use your ITIN or stolen SS# after you have received a genuine number is violation of the terms of agreement you agreed to when you applied for DACA . Use of more than one Social Security number is a crime:  It is already known that it is technically impossible to file proper taxes if yo

DACA approval pending for more than 6 months

We have now reached a point that some DREAMers who applied in August 2012 when the DACA program was first launched are still waiting for approval.  It must be pointed out that the average approval time ranges from one to three months.  I have already highlighted why DACA approval maybe taking too long for some applicants, but this is the right time to revisit the issue. The main reason some of the DREAMers are getting impatient with the approval process is that so many of their peers were approved so quickly .  The reason some of the approvals came so quickly is that President Obama made the process really simple and ignored all fraudulent activities, like working with fake papers .  So if you are one of those unfortunate victims of delay by the USCIS, you may want to think of the following: Delays of this nature are fairly routine at the USCIS .  In almost all visa categories, there are some cases that take a lot longer even though the applicant may believe that his or her case