Impact of address change on immigration approval timeline

Considering that immigration decisions can sometimes take too long, it is understandable that some immigrants need to relocate.  Thankfully, the USCIS has no problem with this, even though your application is initially submitted based on the state you live.  When you move whether locally or even thousands of miles away in the country, all you simply need to do is to file USCIS Form AR-11 Change of Address, a very simple form that tells the government that your address has changed.  At the same time, you should also file a change of address form with the USPS, so that in case there is a piece of mail that is still mailed to you, it can be forwarded.  If your family or friends will still be at the old address, it is best to let them know that you are waiting for important mail and you should make arrangements to pick it up.  Except for some applications, for most immigrants the change of address does not change your eligibility, and the USCIS will deal with it internally if it needs to transfer the application internally.  It is not known for sure if the change of address has any impact on the speed of processing, but most experts believe that it does not.

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