Can EAD card be used as ID?

An employment authorization document (EAD) is a card given to any foreigner by the DHS as evidence of legal right to work.  This document, along with others, can be used to apply for a driver's license in the United States. So can this card be used as an identification document instead of other documents?

Let us first discuss if this can be used to go through security and shown to a Transport Security Administration (TSA) officer to fly on a domestic flight in the United States.  The answer is a bit tricky.  The TSA does not list the EAD card as an acceptable form of identification.  Why would it be so when it looks so impressive and is an official US Government document?  The reality is that the sole purpose of this document is to prove your right to work and not use it for identification purposes.  The reality, though, is somewhat different.  The main goal of the TSA is not to make your life difficult or to prevent you from flying but to make sure that only a legitimate passenger is able to fly on an airplane (when you book a ticket with your name the security agencies run a check to make sure that terrorists are not able to get on a plane).  So there are instances of TSA agents letting people go through with their EAD cards with no problem or after asking a few additional questions to them.  In fact, the TSA will occasionally even let people go through security without an ID (just in case someone forgets to bring one) as long as their identity can be confirmed through other means (this can massive cause delays because you will need to go to a separate area, undergo additional screening, and wait for the TSA to look into databases to confirm your identity -- for instance, if you do have a driver's license and provide information about you, the agent can access the state database and compare the photo on file to your face and confirm your identity).

So should an immigrant try to travel with just an EAD card?  Probably not a good idea until the TSA announces that it will accept it as a valid ID.  You should get a driver's license ASAP, and if that is not possible, you should carry your unexpired passport (it need not have a valid visa or any visa at all because TSA is not interested in your immigration status or if you are in the country illegally).  With just an EAD card, you face the prospect of delays or even denial of the right to board.  You are also putting yourself at risk for having to admit that you are an illegal immigrant.