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Impact of address change on immigration approval timeline

Considering that immigration decisions can sometimes take too long , it is understandable that some immigrants need to relocate.  Thankfully, the USCIS has no problem with this, even though your application is initially submitted based on the state you live.  When you move whether locally or even thousands of miles away in the country, all you simply need to do is to file USCIS Form AR-11 Change of Address, a very simple form that tells the government that your address has changed.  At the same time, you should also file a change of address form with the USPS, so that in case there is a piece of mail that is still mailed to you, it can be forwarded.  If your family or friends will still be at the old address, it is best to let them know that you are waiting for important mail and you should make arrangements to pick it up.  Except for some applications, for most immigrants the change of address does not change your eligibility, and the USCIS will deal with it internally if it needs to

Can EAD card be used as ID?

An employment authorization document (EAD) is a card given to any foreigner by the DHS as evidence of legal right to work .  This document, along with others, can be used to apply for a driver's license in the United States. So can this card be used as an identification document instead of other documents? Let us first discuss if this can be used to go through security and shown to a Transport Security Administration (TSA) officer to fly on a domestic flight in the United States .  The answer is a bit tricky.  The TSA does not list the EAD card as an acceptable form of identification .  Why would it be so when it looks so impressive and is an official US Government document?  The reality is that the sole purpose of this document is to prove your right to work and not use it for identification purposes.  The reality, though, is somewhat different.  The main goal of the TSA is not to make your life difficult or to prevent you from flying but to make sure that only a legitimate pass

Why does my Social Security card say not valid for employment?

Or, it may also say "Valid for work only with DHS authorization."  This is a question perplexing many DREAMers approved for DACA , which supposedly lets them work legally because of having approved for a work permit , and having an employment authorization document (EAD) .  So what is going on here?  Is this a mistake? Not at all.  The Social Security Administration issues a card that has the name and the number to individuals who are US citizens or permanent residents.  It is an indication that these people are authorized to work at all times without conditions. If your card says " Valid for work only with DHS authorization ," it means that you have been authorized to work on a temporary basis.  In other words, this card is valid as proof of work, only when accompanied by a work permit.  This card is no longer valid as evidence of legal employment the day your work authorization expires.  It is your legal duty to renew your work authorization in a timely manne

Obama illegal immigrant amnesty LPI visa details released

What is President Obama proposing in his amnesty ?   While Congress develops a bill , the president has leaked parts of his plan to the media.  It is important to remember that this is just a draft bill that is not being submitted to Congress.  In any case, the Republican Senator Marco Rubio has announced that he and his party will not approve the president's bill.  In other words, while this information may hint at what may eventually become a Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill , nothing is final yet. What will happen after approval?   If the president's plan is approved, undocumented aliens will apply for a Lawful Prospective Immigrant (LPI), that will be given in form of an identification card to show as proof of their legal status in the country.  This card can then be used for get a valid (if you already have a genuine SS#, you will keep the same number but get a new card) Social Security number (the new card will look like an EAD card or green card so no one will be

Legalization after using fake names

Understandably so, many undocumented immigrants have used tricks to engage in unauthorized work in America .  With the help of employers who are willing to look the other way (their actions are criminal, though), without realizing the consequences of their actions at the time, many illegal aliens have used false documents (birth certificates, passports, visas, green cards, Social Security cards , drivers licenses, etc.) in variety of places to get whatever they needed to get done.  Obviously, use of forged or fraudulent documents is a crime and may impact your efforts to legalize, in this article I will discuss specifically the consequences of using a different name than your actual name.  And no, you do not need to worry if your first name is Antonio and you may have been listed  as Tony or Anthony on some documents, as long as your story is otherwise straight.  Identity theft is a crime:   Assuming the identity of another individual, particularly that of a US citizen , is very p

Illegal immigrants who claimed to be US citizens

There is no more serious crime by illegal immigrants than claiming to be US citizens when it comes to a foreigner trying to become legal in America .  Unfortunately, it is also the easiest one to commit, because when an undocumented alien declares him/herself to be an American, there is typically no need to provide any evidence.  Therefore, this is the most preferred route because claiming to be a green card holder requires one to furnish a number and/or the actual permanent resident card.  That is why millions of illegal immigrants are living with some combination of false claim of US citizenship, fake papers showing a Social Security number , and outright identity theft by assuming the identity of a real American (which is undoubtedly claiming US citizenship). So how does USCIS deal with aliens who have ever claimed to be US citizens?   The decision in this matter is very simple: absolute denial of any immigration benefit and immediate deportation .  It is not clear what law Congr