What is the probability of CIR passage in Congress?

My assessment of the Obama Immigration Amnesty is that while it will take decades for some Mexicans (natives of other countries, particularly, rich countries in Europe or Japan, which hardly send any illegals) to become citizens, it is a good compromise for the undocumented aliens.  At least they get to become legal right away and that will enable them to work legally, not be afraid of being deported, have access to driver's licenses, buy health insurance, travel overseas, and put down their roots in the country permanently, even though they will not be able to sponsor their family members right away to immigrate to the US.

So will the Tea Party and other Conservatives kills Comprehensive Immigration Reform?  The rhetoric makes it seem that way and we all know how difficult it was to pass ObamaCare.  In fact, Washington is so dysfunctional that President Obama cannot even get routine appointments through Congress.  Plus, the filibuster is still very much in place.  It is also likely that all the Republicans like Arizona Senator John McCain and Florida Senator Marco Rubio are supporting the plan merely to look more friendly to Latino voters, knowing fully well that GOP in the House will kill it eventually.  Both parties will blame each other the way they do every time the debt ceiling is not raised.  Congressman John Boehner has nothing to lose if CIR is dead.

What is interesting, though, is that 75% of Americans who supported the DREAM Act was not an anomaly.  Believe it or not but a Fox New poll found that 2 out of 3 Americans favor path to citizenship for undocumented aliens.  Even 56% of Republicans support that.  So it seems that politicians will really be going against public opinion if they kill this initiative.

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