What will happen if I am not eligible for Obama Amnesty?

It is great news for illegal immigrants that under the Obama Amnesty or Comprehensive Immigration Reform they will be able to get a right to live and work legally, apply for a green card when their turn comes, and then eventually acquire American citizenship.  So if you have been more or less a law abiding individual (clearly illegal entry or unlawful stay in the country, working without papers, and fraudulent use of Social Security numbers are being condoned and no punishment will be given) you will be able to achieve the dream of every undocumented alien: a shiny American passport that opens many doors for you. 

So will every illegal in America be able to become legal?  Well, if you have a serious criminal past, then you are out, and if you try to apply, you will simply be arrested and deported, but there will be many others who will not be able to legalize themselves.  For instance, it will cost thousands of dollars in USCIS fees, attorney bills, fines, and back taxes, that many immigrants will not be able to afford the legalization process.  Any process like this also requires enormous paperwork and if you don't have the documents, you have no hope.  You will need to prove with a valid document every thing you claim in your application.  Other aliens simply have problems in their history that will disqualify them.  For example, if you entered the United States with a fraudulent passport or visa or committed fraud in interaction with the United States, and if it is found out, you cannot be legalized. 

Additional barriers to permanent residency:  In order to acquire a green card, individuals will also need to demonstrate proficiency in written and spoken English and we all know how that works: so many immigrants who have been here for years and even decades refuse to learn English.  It is also important to understand that in order to become a permanent resident, one would need to demonstrate a history of work in the United States (I am hoping that there will be exceptions for housewives and elderly), and that means that people who do not like to work or their way of making a living is criminal activities, they too will have no future.

Restrictions on working illegally:   In addition, the border will be sealed so many unauthorized aliens who keep crossing the border will be unable to do so.  Use of E-verify means that no one will be able to find work illegally (I am sure that there will be some employers who will be willing to break the law and hire undocumented workers but it will be harder and less prevalent).  And finally, the government will easily find people who will be without papers because a lot more people will have valid papers. 

The net effect is that illegal aliens who are unable to take advantage of this amnesty will find that their lives are going to become a lot more difficult and the best option for them will be to simply self-deport before they are arrested and forcefully deported.

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