Online tax filing for DACA approved DREAMers with real and fake SSN

I have already discussed the importance of filing taxes by DACA approved DREAMers (and for that matter by anyone who earns income in the United States and may owe taxes to the Internal Revenue Service).  As I said in the previous article, if you have never worked illegally before and started your employment only after receiving legal authorization to work and a valid Social Security number issued to you by the SSA, then filing taxes a piece of cake and can be done using a tax software like TurboTax (the one that I have used for about ten years, and while it is not perfect for my complex taxes, it is good enough for vast majority of people).

Undocumented aliens who used a false SS# will encounter tax filing problems:  The problem is that so many DREAMers have worked illegally using a made-up SS# or they have committed identity theft and are using someone else's SSN.  Assuming that you have switched jobs after you were given a genuine SSN or that somehow you were lucky that the employer changed your Social Security number, unless the employer really knows how to manipulate the accounting records, you should get at least two sets of W-2 forms (those of you who were using your ITIN to work must first update the IRS records with your new SSN and then wait several weeks before filing taxes to make absolutely sure that the IRS records have been updated; if you are very close to the April 15 deadline when you get your new Social Security number, it is best to ask for an extension for filing and file later, or if for some reason you are still in a hurry to file, attach a copy of your request to update your ITIN with SSN with your taxes), one with your older phony number that you were using and the second with the correct number.  Illegal immigrants who were working with a SSN that was assigned to them but was not valid for employment without authorization have broken other laws but they would have no problem filing their taxes.

So what can you do to file taxes for the year 2012?  Well, don't even try e-file of any kind.  Since it is illegal to use a Social Security number that does not belong to you, trying to use a software to enter more than one number for an individual is not an option.  Depending on the software that you use and how it works, chances are that the software might stop you with an error message at some point.  It might detect that you are trying to engage in a fraudulent act.  Even if that goes through, there is no guarantee that the IRS will accept your efiled taxes, an important step in the tax filing process.

The only option left is to use the old-fashioned paper filing process.  The reality is that because you are obligated to pay your taxes whether your work was legal or not, the IRS will accept your filing even if your taxes are a mess and there is no way to correctly allocate your Social Security and Medicare payments.  However, you should keep a copy of each and everything that you provide with your taxes so that when the time comes to take advantage of the Obama Amnesty, you will be able to prove to the USCIS that you have been paying taxes.  That would one less year of paying back taxes and you will also avoid the penalty and interest on late payment of taxes.

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