Potential for fraud in Obama immigration amnesty

It is no secret that the Reagan Amnesty was very poorly executed in which hundreds of thousands of illegals were able to submit false evidence to legalize themselves.  Many of them are permanent residents today, and while some have even been able to become naturalized citizens using those initial fraudulent documents, others are afraid of filing for naturalization (that is why so few of them actually became citizens).

Apparently, the 2013 Obama Comprehensive Immigration Reform also has a loophole that will allow for massive fraud.  In the outline document, it states that undocumented aliens working on farms, because of their important contribution and role, "will be treated differently than the rest of the undocumented population.”  Yes, in addition to DREAMers, who came as children to America, only the farm workers will be able to fast track their green card and citizenship applications.

So how will the fraud work?  Well, it is very ironical that any legalization of undocumented immigrants actually requires submission of lot of documents.  So those illegal DREAMers learned the hard way that while they purposely avoided getting too many documents but were then required to submit evidence for everything.  Fortunately, if you are a farm worker, the requirement might be as simple as an affidavit from a farmer that an immigrant has been working on his farm.  So expect a lot of farmers to make some serious money in issuing fraudulent documents and do not be surprised to see college graduates lining up for fast track permanent residency applications pretending to be farm workers.

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