Earned citizenship for DREAMers program details

While the Senate proposal includes an amnesty and a pathway to citizenship for all illegal immigrants, it seems that President Obama wants to bring some of the elements of DREAM Act into comprehensive immigration reform to help the DREAMers who came as children to America.  Under what the president calls as "Earned Citizenship for DREAMers" plan, as long as they attend college or serve in the United States Military for two years, they will be able to get a green card right away rather than wait for immigrant visas to be available, as is the case for a typical undocumented alien.  This also means that after five years of being a permanent resident, a DREAMer will be able to naturalize.  This means that many DREAMers could take their oaths as American citizens in just over five years from the day the president signs the amnesty into law (many of them are already college graduates), assuming that the process for them will take just a few months for their green card applications to process.  If the law is enacted in 2013, we will start minting new DREAMer citizens by 2018/2019 (the naturalization process is fairly fast these days) and they can vote in 2020 mid-term elections.

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