Overseas travel after DACA for personal reasons

Freddy writes, "I have been approved for DACA and have everything done with this process but I need to go to my native country for personal reasons.  Is there any way I can go and come back?  I know that Form I-131 for advanced parole is only for emergencies but I might need multiple trips and must definitely go.  What do you suggest?"

As I have been repeatedly writing the advanced parole exists for the purpose of traveling overseas and if all goes well, you should be able to get into the US without any problem.  You haven't indicated what is it that you need to do in your native country because you will really need to build a very strong humanitarian case in order to be approved first for advanced parole and generally speaking it is hard to build a humanitarian case for multiple trips.  So for instance, one could argue that you need to say goodbye to a dying parent or sibling but that does not justify multiple trips and USCIS is very reluctant to approve such petitions for illegal immigrants.  Plus, you better have solid evidence of this individual being seriously ill in order to not get into trouble.  If you have been able to live all these years without traveling overseas, unless it is something that is so important that you are willing to risk your life in the US, I would not recommend it.  In any case, I strongly suggest that you discuss this with an attorney because they can guide you along better based on your situation.

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