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Completed sample Form SS5 Social Security number application

If you are a DREAMer approved for a work permit in the United States and issued an employment authorization card (also known as EAD or I-766), you are eligible to receive a Social Security number from the Social Security Administration.  This will be your number for the rest of your life and once you have this, you will report it to your employer when you complete Form I-9, to report taxes to the IRS, to apply for credit, and whenever it is asked for by a business or government entity.  You cannot use it to work without a proper employment authorization at all times and it is illegal to let anyone else use your number with your consent.

To apply for the SSN, you will need to go in person to the nearest SSA office (bring plenty of reading material while you wait and be prepared to go through security) with original documents that you have received from USCIS, specifically the EAD card, approval letters, unexpired passport and birth certificate.  In addition, bring a completed Form SS-5 Application for a Social Security Card, preferably typed on a computer and printed on white paper.  Also sign the application using a black or blue pen.

Item 1:  In each box, put your names.  If you have more than one middle names, provide all of them in the box.  If you legally changed your name for any reason, e.g. after wedding, write your name at birth.  If you have used other names, for instance, you were known as Al Smith because your full name is Albert Smith, write Al Smith as well, particularly if you used it in the workplace or a lot of people may know you by that name.  There is no need to mention names that are only used by your family members.  In any case, the name should match that on your EAD.

Item 2:  Leave blank.  DO NOT provide any fake SSN you may have used to work or provided it to school.

Item 3:  Better use the same that you have in your birth certificate or passport.  For instance, Sydney, Australia.

Item 4:  Same as your birth certificate.

Item 5:  Check Legal Alien Allowed To Work.  For the purpose of this application, you are "legal," even though DACA confers no legal status on DREAMers.

Item 6:  Check whatever is applicable, or leave it blank, since the question is voluntary.

Item 7:  Check whatever is applicable, or leave it blank, since the question is voluntary.

Item 8:  Check the correct one.

Item 9:  A.  Write down the complete maiden name of your mother.  B. If you are older than 18, there is no need to provide the mother's SS# (though, you should if she has one), but if you are younger than 18 and she does not have a SSN (needless to say that if she does have a number, you must write it down), check unknown.  DO NOT provide any false numbers or numbers belonging to other person if anyone used them to work or for other purposes.

Item 10:  Exactly the same as item 9 for your father.

Item 11:  Most likely the answers is No for you but if you are not sure that someone acted on your behalf when you were a child and did something like that, then, check "Don't Know."

Item 12 and 13:  Leave blank.

Item 14:  Write the date you will be in the Social Security office.

Item 15:  Provide your phone number that you will answer or can record a voice mail.

Item 16:  Provide your mailing address in the United States.

Item 17:  Sign in black or blue ink.

Item 18:  Check Self if filing for yourself.  Otherwise, pick the right category.