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How to use my new SSN if my W-2 has a fake number

Alfredo writes, "I have been approved for DACA for and have already received my work permit and SSN card.  I have filed my taxes for the last 3 years with an ITIN but now that I have a SSN I would like to know if now I can use my SSN to file my taxes instead of using the ITIN number.  I would like to add that my W-2 form will have my fake SSN."

Now that you have a valid SSN, you need to transition from your ITIN.  Remember it is illegal to use any number other than your valid SS# after you have it and you are obligated to file your taxes only under your valid number.  You will also have your taxes consolidated all under one number with the IRS after you do the paperwork for transition.  Finally, you have to stop using your fake SSN immediately (which, by the way is a serious crime in and by itself, but even more serious after you have a valid Social Security number).  I have some instructions here on how to move away from your fraudulent Social and embrace your legal number. If you cannot, you need to quit your job and find a new one where you can work legally with your new number (though you will still have a very messy tax situation with regards to filing income taxes for the period you used a fake number but have since been assigned an authentic number and I encourage you to discuss this with an excellent tax attorney and accountant).  As it is, the histories of DREAMers are muddled and at this point you want to have as clean a record as possible in order to prepare for passage of DREAM or ACHIEVE Act or whatever other immigration reform passes under President Obama.