Why are DREAMers not taking DACA seriously?

When I noticed that so few DREAMers were applying for DACA, I was disappointed because President Obama had to risk a lot of political capital to launch the deferred action for childhood arrivals program, and it was sad to see that undocumented DREAMers not take advantage of it.  While there are several reasons that might be of concern to DREAMers like what will the Government do with their information on illegal activities so far, but one theme that emerges is that these people simply do not have the money to pay the $465 application fee.  I was so concerned about the lack of funds that I gave suggestions on how they should start saving money right now for legalization under DREAM Act, but looks like there is more to the story.

According to Immigration Attorney Jose Luis PeƱalosa, DREAMers are right now enjoying the holidays and spending money on gifts.  He predicts that they will probably start applying in February 2013 when they would be done with paying their holiday shopping bills and will have their tax refunds.  What a shame!  If someone thinks that blowing their money on gifts is more important than assuring that they don't get caught by ICE and deported, then, all those activists who are fighting for immigration reform are probably wasting their time.

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