DACA applications pending for more than 90 days

I have already discussed why DACA approvals are taking too long for some DREAMers, but some applicants are reporting excessive delays without a request for evidence (RFE) or any other problem that they are aware of.  There are reports that applications submitted in August 2012 were not approved even by the end of the year 2012.  While this comes as a shock to the applicants, just ask anyone who has ever dealt with the USCIS, consulates, and embassies, and they will tell you that not only the process of getting a visa or approval of some kind take an unusual amount of time, the lack of clarity or any explanation for the delay can cause a lot of anxiety and inconvenience.

Let us assume that the reasons for additional review are due to red flags in your application.  For instance, you know that while you do meet all the requirements and have submitted a complete and accurate application, you do have problem areas like criminal history and/or have submitted affidavits instead of documents asked for and/or you have questionable details.  In that case, until the USCIS has determined without a reasonable doubt that you are eligible, you will need to wait.

Needless to say that if you have major issues with your application, and are not eligible, or filed the application with false information, your application will be examined more thoroughly.  And finally, if you are not eligible for approval and are actually a candidate who has been flagged for deportation, the delay in a decision is a sign that the agencies are simply completing the steps needed for removal proceedings.

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