Can I transfer my taxes from fake to real SSN?

I have already given tips on transitioning from a fake to valid Social Security number, and the process is much easier for those of you transitioning from an ITIN to a real SSN.  It is important to remind all illegal immigrants that if they have used a SSN not assigned to them by the SSA and even if they get approved for DACA they can still get prosecuted later on.

Natalia has asked a related question.  She writes, "I have been granted a working permit and have a new Social Security number, but I have been working with a fake SS#.  Can the IRS transfer my tax records from the fake number to the new number?"

Don't even think about it.  If you do not already know this, using a fake SSN is a very serious crime and if it is ever revealed that you stole someone's identity not only will your immigration benefits denied, you could even go to jail and/or deported.

So if you have a new SSN, assume that you never even used a fake SSN.  This is your opportunity to start over: get a new job with your real SSN and let the past be erased from your life.  Make sure that you use only your real SSN from now and NEVER use your fake SSN any more.  Make absolutely sure that you file your taxes regularly with your new SSN.  Whatever things you had associated with your old SSN, well, you will have to just close them or walk away from them.  Whatever taxes you paid or contributions you made to Social Security or Medicare are gone forever.

It does not mean that you are off the hook forever.  In all situations in dealing with USCIS in the future, you will still have to admit that you used a fake number at some point and face the consequences, but you will be in a much better spot if you will have a cleaner record at least after getting a real SS#.

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