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Implications of Obama reelection on DREAMers

Looks as if DREAMers will not suffer at the hands of Republican Mitt Romney, illegal immigrants can expect Barack Obama to fight for them during his second term, as he has promised.  While the actual elements of the immigration reform will be known only after legislation is introduced in Congress, and hopefully approved, here are a few important things to know:
  1. DACA program will continue at least till January 2017.  This provides a lot of clarity to DREAMers.  So if you were holding off on applying for a work permit, you should do so now without fear.  Even if nothing else happens, if approved, you will not need to live in fear of deportation, and to support yourself and your family, you will have authorization to work.
  2. President Obama has promised DREAM Act and/or immigration reform.  Some exit polls show rising support for legalizing those in the country illegally.  Having said that, the House of Representatives is still controlled by GOP and supporters of Tea Party are still very strong.  It is expected that they will resist any such reform, though, I expect that Obama will fight hard, and if he is unsuccessful, he will campaign on this issue in 2014 mid-term elections so that we can get a Democratic majority in the House as well.
  3. If this does not turn out the way I envision it, my advice to DREAMers will be to use the time till January 2017 productively.  Get a good education; if you are of working age, then get solid work experience; save as much money as possible; and finally stay out of trouble.  At that point, you can go back to your native country and live your life there.  Education and work experience from the United States will definitely help you pursue your dreams; after all, you do not want to live your whole life as an illegal immigrant in the United States.  Doing so will be such a waste of your education and work experience.