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DACA applications less than expected

When President Barack Obama first announced the DACA program, immigrant groups had estimated that there were more than one million (1.7 million is the number that was thrown around a lot) DREAMers who would apply for DACA.  Now I understand that some of them were waiting for the outcome of the 2012 presidential elections wondering if Mitt Romney would get elected and shut down the childhood deferral program but now that President Obama has been reelected guaranteeing the continuation of the program at least till January 2017, still during the three month period ending November 15, 2012, just 300,000 applicants have done their paperwork.  Could it be that these immigrants are waiting for the DREAM Act to be enacted? Or could it be that there are not as many DREAMers and the estimate was wrong?

Granted that some DREAMers may not be eligible because they lack the documents to submit or engaged in criminal activities or do not have the funds to pay the application fee, if you are waiting for Congress to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform, then, you are taking a huge risk.  There is probably a lot more momentum than ever before but passing anything in Washington DC these days is a nightmare with GOP still controlling the House and Senator John McCain acting so cranky (without his support, the law cannot be passed) the process could continue for some time.  In the meantime, without a DACA approval, not only are you subject to deportation, you are also accruing unlawful status in the country.  So please, if you are eligible and can borrow the money to pay for the application, try to take advantage of this program, because applying has pluses, and no negatives.  It is also important to note that just 3% of the applications have been rejected.