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Mitt Romney to stop DACA program if elected president

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has flip-flopped yet again.  After announcing that the DACA program approvals for deferral of deportations and work permits will be valid under a Romney administration, he has reversed course.  He has now announced that while approvals and work permits already issued will be valid, the program will stop on his first day in office on January 20, 2013.  Romney clarified that he does not plan to deport DREAMer applicants who are otherwise eligible under the Obama program.  At this no one knows what Romney will do as far as dealing with undocumented immigrants has concerned.

What are the implications of this announcement? If you are eligible for DACA, you should apply immediately, and hope that the approvals will come before Romney arrives in the White House.  At this point there is a lot more clarity about the future.  Chances are extremely high that President Obama will be reelected and all this will become irrelevant, but since we don't know the future, it is better to be safe, and try to get a work permit right away.  Due to high volume of applications in September 2012, the process of approvals has already slowed.