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DREAMer work permit to be valid under Romney presidency

Romney will honor Obama DREAMer work permits:  (Update:  Romney will honor only issued work permits but will kill the DACA program) I had written earlier what DREAMers may expect from a president Mitt Romney and not many more details yet from a campaign that has been short on details on policy in general (didn't some Republicans claim that Paul Ryan was a policy wonk and all he liked were numbers and specific?), but he is now promising that deferrals on deportations for childhood arrivals and work permits issued under the DACA program will not be revoked.  It is important to note that he has not mentioned anything at all whether the program will be renewed under his administration.  He vaguely mentioned to the Denver Post that he will propose comprehensive immigration reform but one can guess what he has in mind: legal immigration and some kind of amnesty only for those who have served in the military.

DREAMers are not purchasing work permits:  Like many in the GOP who often disparage undocumented immigrants, Romney made yet another gaffe -- after dying his skin brown to appeal to Hispanics in Florida -- by saying that, "I'm not going to take something that they've purchased."  To the best of my knowledge, DACA work permits are not for sale and you cannot just go out there and purchase them (the way one can purchase a fake Social Security or green card).  Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and USCIS have a complex process to issue these deferrals and work permits only to those individuals who meet a strict criteria and are able to provide evidence to support their claim.
Work permits are not visas:  Gov. Romney made yet another gaffe in calling the deferral a visa. Maybe he just used the word interchangeably but in the context of law this has huge implications.  DACA approvals are work permit do not change the unlawful status of DREAMers.

So what are the implications of Romney's change in stance on immigration?  Many DREAMers who are wondering whether their work permits would be taken away in case President Obama were not to be reelected and the information that they provide during the application process would be used to deport them and their families can now go ahead and apply.  In any case, it is clear at this point that Romney is not going to be president and Barack Obama will be reelected.  There is still a doubt, though.  Can Romney shut down the program on day one and only let those applicants keep their permits who have been approved?  Yet another confusion from him.