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DACA approved for DREAMers using fake SSN

Exactly as USCIS had announced that working with fake Social Security number will not be held against a DREAMer insofar as approval for DACA is concerned, it can now be confirmed that the agency has issued deferrals on deportation and work permits to those who have confessed to doing so.  These are individuals who provided the false SS# on their application, and also included copies of their W-2 forms and/or letters from employers that they worked there.  It does not mean that there may not be consequences of identity theft in future immigration applications.

Obviously, you should consult with an attorney your specific case to determine the next step for you, but it is clear that for the time being USCIS is recognizing that if it started punishing DREAMers for working illegally, only a very small number of minors will be eligible for DACA.  The conclusion is that if you meet the criteria, go ahead and apply.