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What can illegal immigrants expect from Obama during second term?

Previously I analyzed what you can expect from President Mitt Romney as far as immigration reform is concerned.  Not much, according to him, except that he may allow more green cards for highly educated professionals and may approve some kind of a reprieve for those undocumented immigrants who have been in the Military.  Other than, expect that there will be a lot of push for self deportation (the brilliant and the motivated have already left and others are planning to leave soon armed with excellent education, bilingual abilities, and ability to do business in a global economy) and visas for short-term work.

Since President Obama is guaranteed to win reelection, what can we expect from him in his second term?  This came up directly during his discussion with Univision hosts Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas.  On the issue of why Obama did not do more during his first term, he replied that Republican filibuster killed whatever he proposed.  In fact Republicans have been so combative and uncooperative with this president that it is amazing whatever he has been able to accomplish in his first term.  The way GOP is governing right now, gridlock is the standard operating procedure, and I don't see how that will change in the second term.

How much power does the president really have to pass immigration reform?  I have analyzed previously why Obama did not pass immigration reform during his first term, but he himself clarified by saying, “There’s the thinking that the president is somebody who is all powerful and can get everything done.  We have to have cooperation from all these sources (he was referring to Congress and Supreme Court) to get it done."  It is important to understand that just one senator can kill any bill and except for a very short period of time during which the Democrats had the 60 votes to kill a filibuster, and that is when they were dealing with other more pressing problems (remember that during this period the president did not take up even his most important initiative the Affordable Care Act).

So can Obama do more in his second term?  If you are illegally in this country and have a plan B, I would say take it.  If you can go back to another country (or your native country) and build a better life with your education and experience, it is best for your long-term future.  Most experts agree that the hope for an Reagan-era amnesty that will forgive all your crimes and grant you legal status with a path to citizenship is nothing but a dream perpetuated by Hispanic lobbyists and advocacy groups in order to keep their jobs.  The political will is there among the Democrats but they are operating in a very hostile climate.  By hoping against hope that things will change in the United States, you are wasting precious years of your life living in the shadows, in fear, unable to work in the job of your choice, breaking laws repeatedly, and stuck in the country.  Many of you cannot even engage in simple things like drive a car or go overseas for a vacation or take a decent job...and the list continues.  You might be so much better off living elsewhere with dignity and pursuing your dreams.  Trust me, the politicians will say whatever to get elected, but you have to be smart and watch out for yourself.