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Does a citation cause problems with DACA approval?

Carlos writes, "I was driving my friend home, with one of his friends, when I got pulled over due to a broken brake light. When the officer was asking everyone for their information, my buddy’s friend kept putting his hands in his pockets. The police officer took us out of the vehicle and searched us. Then the officer searched the car and found marijuana on the friend of my buddy. No one was arrested. Officer gave me a citation. I paid a $328 fine. I never get involved in drugs.  Do I have to mark "yes" on page 4, part 3, item 1 of Form I-821D?"

The answer is no.  Do you remember what the citation said?  It probably mentioned the broken light.  My guess is that the officer was just nice to you guys and let you off since nothing happened regarding your possession of drugs.  In other words, you were not detained or arrested or charged with a crime, so you are in the clear.  In any case, it was not you who had the drug in your possession, and you were unaware that the other individual was carrying contraband.