Eligibility for DACA if entered US using forged passport and visa

Marco writes, "I entered the United States when I was 11 years old. I flew into DFW airport from Mexico City using fake documents. Like any other visitor, I had my picture taken and fingerprinted.  I am now wondering if I will be denied for DACA. I was 11 years old; is it still considered my fault or will I be able to apply?"

You will need a very good attorney and before you even consider applying for DACA, you will need to just pay for a consultation about this matter.  This is a very serious matter and needs to be handled with caution.  I am not sure how your fake and real documents match (I am assuming that your birth certificate has your real name and I wonder what names you used to go to school here), but you cannot risk applying for DACA as discovery of fraud will trigger arrest and deportation right away.  There are other consequences of using fake documents to enter the US, like not being able to adjust status in the US even if you are married to a US citizen, and being barred from entering the US for up to 10 years.  It is very unlikely that Congress will pass an amnesty for illegal immigrants and also let them get away with fraud.  Because of your fingerprints and photo in the database, it will be very difficult for you to get around this.  And unfortunately, you are a victim of your own family's stupidity and the fact that you were a kid at that time is not much help.  Maybe they were trying to help you, but in reality, they made your life worse.  I would say that you consult with a good lawyer who is an expert in fraud matters because an unscrupulous lawyer might ask you to apply just to get his fee for DACA. 

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