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Are there any benefits from DACA if you are already working?

Kate writes, "My basic question is what are the benefits (aside from working legally under their own name) the DREAMers would gain from DACA? I understand that they would not actually be gaining legal status, so if they are currently working, what would they be gaining?"

Here are some of the benefits:
  1. Action on deportation will be deferred for two years (assuming President Obama wins reelection or Governor Romney decides to leave the order in place and then renews it as well) at a time.
  2. Ability to get a work permit that will allow them to get a valid for employment social security number (this may also open doors for credit, loans, and in-state tuition in some cases).  This will also allow them to come out of the shadows and work in professional jobs rather than wash dishes as many college graduates are currently doing.  In some states, they can also apply for drivers licenses.  While they are not being given any legal status, the EAD can be used as evidence that the holder is authorized to be in the country and that can prevent harassment by cops if they get stopped for any reason.
  3. When people work legally, it is good not just for them but for everyone.  Employers have to put them on the books and pay Social Security/Medicare taxes.  It is also expected that they will provide other benefits that maybe available to legal employees, like healthcare, life insurance, etc.  Right now, most of these people are working off the books and employers are not paying their share into the Social Security/Medicare funds.  Assuming that these people will eventually become legal some day, whatever contributions they make will also count towards their retirement benefits.
  4. Many individuals have told me that they will just feel a bit better about themselves being somewhat legal and being able to drive without fear.  They realize the lack of any legal status and its temporary nature, but still it is just a good feeling, I am told.