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DACA approvals issued

In record time, the USCIS has issued its first round of deferrals and employment authorizations starting September 10, 2012.  According to the agency, applicants who submitted their applications around August 15, 2012 and had their fingerprints soon after (some DREAMers did a walk-in rather than wait for their appointment data), were cleared by the FBI in a matter of days.  If the cases were straightforward, and the evidence was solid, the agency took no time in granting its approval.

The implication is that if you think you meet all the eligibility criteria and have the paperwork required, then, you should apply for it as soon as possible.  Unless the agency gets clogged, it appears that the first set of EAD cards and deferrals approvals should be in the hands of early filers by end of September 30, 2012, if not earlier.  There have been cases of individuals who used fake SSN and they were also approved.