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Should I declare my income if I get paid in cash?

Patricia writes, "I have been working for the last 4 years. Never provided any type of documentation to my employer and was never requested either; I get paid in cash. Should I declare how much I'm making? I do have have an ITIN but only used it to file taxes."

Filing taxes as an illegal alien is tricky:  You did the right thing by filing your taxes, paying what was due, (something that is always looked upon kindly by the authorities and will help you as you go through the various stages of immigration -- this is a great way to show good moral character, a requirement for naturalization) even if you were paid in cash and did not have the authorization to work.  However, it is still legally complex because you worked without authorization (did you also get a W-2?  Why did you file taxes?  Because you wanted to do the right thing or because you wanted your refund?).  The fact that your employer did not ask for any documentation - it is very clear that your employers knew your status and that is why they paid you in cash -- is not going to help you either. 

Legal consultation is a must for messy cases:  If you still wish to take advantage of a work permit and deferred action, I guess you really have no choice but to declare your income because you have filed taxes and there is a huge paper trail that you have created with your tax filings.  I strongly encourage you to consult with an attorney before filing and decide after thinking for yourself as well if it is even worth applying because of the legal mess that you have created.