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USCIS Form I-765WS for stay at home moms

Karla writes, "Well, I am single but my boyfriend works and he pays for my four kids and my expenses.  I don't know what to answer for income and expenses.  I don't know if I should put just mine or also include their expenses.  I do want the work permit because I want to be independent and help with my kids' expenses.  Help me please!"

So for income, if you are not working, then write zero.  Now, imagine if your boyfriend would dump you or lose his job, what would it take for you to pay for you and your kids?  Those are your expenses.  They should include housing, food, utilities, transportation, education, clothing, daycare, etc.  If you own anything valuable, write down in your assets.  Do not write down things that belong to your boyfriend because in reality they are not yours even though you may love each other and when he is being romantic, he might tell you every day that they are also yours.

Now, finally, in part 3, write something like,  "I would like to work not only to help my boyfriend with the expenses, but also to be independent so that if our relationship falls apart, I would not be on the streets with my four kids."