Completed sample Form I-765WS

I already provided tips on completing the USCIS Form I-765 WS by DREAMers seeking work permits, but several of you have written that I provide a sample.  So below is a snapshot of an example form that I completed for a fictitious individual.  Please note the following:
  1. Complete your name in such a way that it is consistent with I-821D and I-765.
  2. For current annual income, if you have a regular, full time job, simply use the information from your pay stub.  If not, simply add up the money you have made so far and estimate what your annual income is going to be.  However, if you work casually here and there performing small jobs, and do not have a steady job, simply add up whatever you were paid.  Do not forget tips and cash payments that you might receive, for example, in odd jobs.  If you made no money, for instance, if you are still in high school or simply do not have a job, write zero.  Keep good records of your basis, and definitely anything that can prove your income, because if you receive a request for evidence, you will have everything ready.
  3. For current annual expenses, add up all the expenses that you or your family incurs on you.  If you live independently, this Math is simple because you can include expenses like college tuition, rent, food, gasoline, taxes, living expenses, etc.  If you live at home, do not include what you do not pay.  For example, if you do not contribute towards rent paid by your parents, do not include it.  On the other hand, if you pay towards groceries or pay your part in a cell phone plan for the family, include that.  Any expenses that your parents are paying for right now but you intend to pay them back, for example, college tuition, include it in your expenses.  Keep good records of your calculations, for example cell phone bill copies, and be ready to submit that to USCIS, if asked for.  Also be prepared to explain to an officer why certain expense is included.  For example, if you party hard each week with your friends and blow a hundred bucks on alcohol and food, do not expect anyone to be convinced that it is a reasonable expense and should be considered an economic necessity, regardless of how essential you might think hanging out with your friends is.
  4. For current value of economic assets, make a list of valuable things you own and assign a reasonable value to them.  Unless you own very expensive clothes or gold/silver jewelry or other valuable items, they have no value because your jeans and tee shirts are pretty much worthless.  However, if you own a car that you paid for (a car provided to you by your parents is not your asset) is an asset as long as you can sell it and get some money in the used car market.  And remember that you may have paid $500 for a computer or electronics, if you try to sell it on Craig's List, it is most likely worth just $50.  So value it accordingly.  Keep this calculation in your application file and be prepared to present it at a later time if asked for by USCIS.  Do not write zero, unless you really have absolutely nothing of value.  If you own property and/or other valuable assets anywhere in the world, they should be included here, though, you can provide an explanation that they are overseas and not available to you at this time.
  5. In Part 3, Additional information section, even if you have low income, high expenses, and minimal assets (thus, making it very obvious that you need to work due to an economic necessity) you should still provide a short and sweet explanation why you need to work.  USCIS has put this as a requirement and you should do your best to convince a reasonable person that it is essential for you to work.  Remember that unlike the rest of the population that can work for whatever reason, you do not have that right.  This is a privilege being extended to people who are here illegally and that is why the bar is higher.  I have provided some sample statements that you can include so use them if they fit your situation.  Otherwise, honestly explain why you need to work.
Image of a sample i765ws form for USCIS to get a work permit for dreamers under DACA