Form 765-WS without income or assets and no job

Martina writes, "What if my daughter never worked and lives with us, her parents?  We pay for all her expenses, obviously, and she has no assets herself except a few jewelry items and a laptop computer. What do I put as her income and assets?  Right now she just has too many expenses."

To issue a work permit for DREAMers, the USCIS is requiring applicants to provide an economic necessity argument because it is designed to help those in need, rather than give blanket work permits to foreigners when unemployment is so high for natives.  In your daughter's case, please write zero for income and assets (personal belongings like clothes, small amount of jewelry and books/laptop/cell phone are worthless because their market value is practically zero).  Just make sure that her name is not on any properties anywhere else in the world.  In the explanation section, please add "I live with my parents who pay for all my expenses.  I do not work now and have never worked."  Having a reasonable amount of assets will not disqualify an applicant from getting an EAD.  For addition help, see this sample completed USCIS Form I-765WS for DREAMers.

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