How to complete Form I-765 for deferred action for childhood arrivals?

Along with Form I-821D you will also need to complete Form I-765 simultaneously in order to get a work permit under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals process.  This form also couldn't any easier and can be easily filled by the applicant and if you are looking for an example of what a completed Form I-765 looks like, I have provided one.  This one page application is straightforward, except that for your category, in answer to question number 16 (letter and number of eligibility category), you must enter the letter 'c' in the first parenthesis and '33' in the next parenthesis.  Leave the third parenthesis blank.

In case you were confused about question #15 (current immigration status), please enter "Unlawful status."

I also want you to remember that the USCIS will first process your application for deferred action and will not act on EAD.  Only if you are approved, it will take on this application and that means that the 90-day deadline for processing the employment authorization document begins after the DHS grants deferral.

No additional supporting documents are required for this specific form.  As long as you submit all the documents required for Form I821D, you are good.