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What to do if I used fake social security numbers?

Marcos asks, "Form I-765 asks for my social security number.  I've used two different social security numbers under my name, one of them was my grandfather's when he was alive, and the other belonged to my elder brother.  Should I write down both of them? Any of them or none?"

This is one of the trickiest parts of the application process and it is best to discuss this with an excellent attorney what to do if you have worked with a false SS#. So here are three scenarios:
  1. If you have been assigned a SSN by the Social Security Administration, and you have never worked, simply list this number.
  2. If you have been assigned a SSN by the SSA and it clearly says 'not authorized for employment,' and you have worked using it, consult with a lawyer.
  3. If you have bought a fake number from a crook or just decided to use a number of someone you know or simply made up an imaginary number to work, consult with an attorney.
Remember that the only SS# you really have is the one in your name and unless you were clearly authorized to work and the card does not state "not authorized for employment," working is a federal crime.  Typically, as soon as any agency runs a name/number match and they find a mismatch, they know that the number is not valid for the applicant.  By reporting one or more false social security numbers, particularly if they belong to US citizens, you are opening a can of worms by claiming to be an American when you were not - a pretty serious crime, and that is why legal help is a must.

Alternatively, you could simply wait to see what happens.  Either USCIS may give clearer guidelines in the coming months on how it intends to deal with this mess (which everyone is aware of since at least 10 million illegal immigrants are working using false numbers) or you will find out online what happens to those applicants who have filed their applications and have either reported or not reported their use of other people's numbers.  If USCIS starts to reject all applicants who used fake numbers, it would be best to not apply.

In case you have no number at this time, after you are approved for a DREAMer work permit, you will be able to go to the Social Security Office and get a new one (even in the State of Arizona or Nevada because this is a federal benefit rather than state).