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Completed sample Form I-765

For your work permit as a DREAMer the USCIS requires you to complete an application for employment authorization (which results in issuance of an EAD that allows you to show to a potential employer that you are authorized to work legally in the United States) along with I-765WS establishing an economic necessity for employment.  Below is an example of what a completed application will look like:
  1. Check "permission to accept employment."
  2. Provide your name and any other names used in the past and this should be the same as other two forms I-821D and I-765WS.  Provide your mailing address.  Also provide your country of citizenship and place of birth, date of birth, gender, and marital status.  If a valid social security number was issued to you, provide it here (do not provide any numbers that you just made up or belong to other people or bought from a broker -- apparently the agency wants to make sure that the number you write is only yours; it appears that you should not write your ITIN here, even if it is yours).  If you used a false SSN to work, consult a good attorney before filing or simply wait to find out what USCIS decides in such cases and only then file your application (even if no prosecution results due to identity theft and/or using a fake SS#, the USCIS may simply reject your application).  Generally speaking, admitting to using the SSN of a citizen (meaning claiming to be an American is a serious crime and those persons can never be given such benefits as green cards and citizenship) has serious consequences.  My recommendation is that if your case is clear-cut and straightforward and you have never worked before using a fake SSN, go ahead and apply.  If not, wait for some time to see how this plays out.  Most of you will not have an Alien Registration Number, but if you do, provide it here.  Otherwise, provide the I-94 number.  If none available, leave it blank. 

  • I am assuming that you have never applied for employment authorization before and the correct answer is NO.  If you did apply for whatever reason and even if you were rejected, you need to provide all the information, along with copies of documentation.
  • In item #12-15, provide the same information that you provided in form I821D so it is consistent.  If you entered the US without inspection, write entry without inspection for item #14 and unlawful status for #15.  For item #16, write c and 33 as shown.  Item #17 does not apply to you.
  • Finally, sign and date the application along with writing down a phone number that you answer that also has an answering machine or voice-mail.  If you don't answer this number, make sure that the person speaks English and can take a message.  If not, get a phone number for this purpose alone for the duration of your application.