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Possible scenarios for DREAMers afer Romney victory

I have highlighted previously the dangers posed to DREAMers by Mitt Romney (remember he is the guy who has promised to veto the DREAM Act, so even if the Democrats control Congress, he can kill it), and even though, in order to fool the Hispanics into voting for him, he did mention that he might sign a DREAM Act only for for those who serve in the US Military, it looks like he said that only to win the election.

The GOP platform is now out and these are its main points that affect DREAMers:
  1. Use of E-Verify system will be mandatory for employers.  What that means is that it will become nearly impossible for illegal immigrants to work using fake social security numbers.  It is possible to do so right now because E-Verify is voluntary and employers are happy to employ cheap labor and avoid paying what they owe to the Government.
  2. Universities that allow undocumented immigrants to enroll at in-state tuition rates will not get any Federal aid.  This will kill the program instantly because no university can survive if it does take grants from Uncle Sam.
  3. GOP will oppose any form of amnesty to illegal immigrants and DACA is an amnesty.
  4. GOP has also adopted Romney's amusing concept of self-deportation, though, it is clear that inherent in it is the concept that illegals who do not leave voluntarily will be apprehended will be deported by force.
In light of the above, and particularly for those of you have used other people's SSN to work illegally, it may make sense to wait to file your application for deferred action.  In addition, while you cannot vote or donate to campaigns, DREAMers can work to defeat Romney-Ryan and other Republicans by convincing their citizen friends and family members to register to vote, donate to campaigns (permanent residents or green card holders can donate but not vote), and make sure that they cast their votes (you can offer them rides or even help them complete an absentee ballot).

Update:  Romney announces that Obama DREAMer work permits will be honored by him but no word on whether the DACA program will be renewed.