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Can having assets disqualify from a work permit?

Max asks, "I have about $50k savings in the bank. Would it be a good idea to list that as part of my assets? Is that considered too much money which could result in the disqualification of my work permit? Would USCIS go out of its way to trace it using my SS# if i fail to report that?"

In getting a work permit for DREAMers, the USCIS requires the applicants to complete Form I-765WS in addition to Form I-765, a standard procedure for almost all applicants.  The rationale is that all applicants for temporary authorization to work should provide a financial rationale for seeking work.  This allows USCIS to give employment authorization documents to immigrants who may typically not be allowed to work but can if they demonstrate severe economic hardship (e.g. students).

For you, since the bank account is in your name, you should definitely report it as an asset (you will be lying if you did not, and yes, the USCIS can find out your bank account information with just a few clicks).  It really isn't too much money anyway and in the notes below, you should add that you have been saving (list how you saved, e.g. gifts, wages, etc.) for (whatever, e.g. college, car, home, unexpected medical bills, etc.).  Also provide some explanation of how working will help you (e.g. use your education to pursue your dream of being a nurse or save money for something meaningful).