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Will I be able to appeal if my work permit is denied?

Due to the fact that prosecutorial discretion is so important in giving work permits to illegal young immigrants under the DACA Process, there will be cases where your application is rejected.  In many other immigration approvals by the USCIS, even visas in foreign countries, an applicant can appeal the decision by showing why s/he should be approved.

Unfortunately, since this is not an immigration petition, there is no appeals process.  The only course of action left for you is to file another application, pay the $465 fee, and explain why you should be reconsidered (the rejection letter may explain the reasons).  An appeal will make sense if you think that the adjudicating officer (the decision maker) misunderstood something or that you did not provide credible evidence in your application or that something else went wrong.  That is why it is very important to get it right the first time when you file your application.  If you get rejected and unless it was a straightforward case (e.g. you did not conclusively prove that you were in the country on June 15, 2012 but you do have the evidence that you failed to provide) it is best to seek legal help before an appeal.