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What happens during security clearance and background check?

For almost any immigration process to the United States, background checks are mandatory.  As far as dreamers applying for a work permit are concerned, as soon as they submit their application to the USCIS , if everything goes well, a communication will tell you where to go for fingerprinting (the location of the office depends on your address and availability of slots and sometimes that means that the office may not be the closest to you).  Unless it is absolutely necessary, it is better not to ask for rescheduling it because you just go back to the end of the line.  You will also be advised what documents to bring.  Here are a few other useful tips: Since it will be a place that you have never visited before, arrive well ahead of time.  That way you can figure out where to park.  You may also have to go through (airport style) security and there can be huge lines because the security can be common for many Federal offices. Dress smartly.  You do not have to be very formal (thou