What happens to DAPYP if Republicans win 2012 elections?

It is no secret that the GOP is strongly opposed to illegal immigration.  The Republican Partly has not only killed any chance of passing the DREAM Act, Mitt Romney has vowed to veto it if it passes.  So here are a few scenarios that might play out:
  1. President Barack Obama is reelected:  You will be able to work legally till 2016 and the outcome from thereafter will depend on whether Republicans or Democrats control the White House.
  2. President Barack Obama is reelected and Democrats control both the House and the Senate with filibuster proof majority:  Assuming that they will keep their promise about the DREAM Act, it will pass.  It is too early to predict what its provisions will be, but expect an eventual path to citizenship.
  3. President Barack Obama is reelected but Republicans control either one or both houses of Congress:  Expect no action on DREAM Act but Deferred Action Program may continue unless the president is sued or some other legal complication arises.
  4. Republicans win the White House regardless of who controls Congress:  Since President Mitt Romney is anti-Hispanic (even though illegal Hispanic workers maintained his yard in Massachusetts), not only will he veto the DREAM Act (assuming that a Democrat controlled Congress passes it), he might even rescind this Obama order.  In other words, you will lose your right to work legally .  In addition to that there are other risks related to getting this benefit.  It appears that some GOP members like Marco Rubio seem to be in favor of some immigration relief to children who were brought to America, but I think that they are just looking for Latino votes.  In reality, they know very well that they simply do not have support within their own party to grant any relief to undocumented immigrants.
Update:  Romney announces that Obama DREAMer work permits will be honored by him but no word on whether the DACA program will be renewed. 

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