How to demonstrate an economic necessity for employment?

In all the discussion related to Deferred Action Program for Young People you must have noticed that in addition to meeting all the eligibility requirements for a work permit and deferral from deportation, you also need to demonstrate “an economic necessity for employment.”  So what does this term mean?  As you might have guessed by now, USCIS and attorneys use different language that can sometimes be confusing.

As complicated as this jargon sounds, in reality it is very simple.  The reason it is complicated is that work permits or EAD (employment authorization documents) are issued to many other immigrants and non-immigrants and many of them have to demonstrate a strong reason that they need to work. You fall into that category and you fulfill this requirement by completing a worksheet that asks for income, expenses, and assets.

Assuming that you have no debt and live with your parents with zero expenses, you may still want to work to help your family or save for college or start a family.  If you have expenses, obviously the answer is more straightforward.  So think carefully about this and respond accordingly to this important question when you apply for a work permit.  I have provided tips on completing Form I-765WS that you will be required to in order to get your Form I-765 approved.  I have also provided a sample Form I 765WS to fill your application.

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