How can the president stop deportation of illegal immigrants?

Many of you have written to ask how President Obama could approve DAPYP and why can no one stop him from doing so?  Basically, through the memo of June 15, 2012, the president directed Department of Homeland Security, USCIS, and ICE to not deport any undocumented alien who meets some criteria and instead allow them to work for a period of two years.

The way to understand this is that only the US Congress has the power to make laws.  The president, as the executive branch, has to enforce the laws, something that is part of the presidential oath.  The twist is that the president has the executive power under which he can decide how to do that.  Which means that he can allocate resources according to his best judgment.  So as many of you know, earlier in his administration, he decided not to enforce Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) because he thinks it is unconstitutional as it discriminates against gays.  In this case, the president's argument is that he does not think it is wise to use valuable taxpayer funded resources to send people who came as kids to this country.  Those resources are better spent to round up criminals.

The fact still remains that the law has not changed.  Your stay in this country is still illegal and not just another president, but even Obama, can at any time decide to repeal the decision if it is national interest.  And that is why until the DREAM Act is passed, this Band-Aid solution does little.

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