How can DREAMERs defeat Mitt Romney?

As I argued previously, if Mitt Romney becomes president and/or Republicans control Congress, not only is the future of DREAM Act over, even the Obama DAPYP program will be repealed.  In fact, there is a clear possibility, Romney may not be satisfied with self-deportation alone and may ramp up enforcement of immigration laws leading to even stronger crackdown on illegal immigrants.  While the recent Supreme Court decision on Arizona's immigration laws was some relief for illegal immigrants, the "show your papers" provision will continue to make their life impossible as these laws are implemented nationwide.

So what can the DREAMers do?  It is illegal for anyone other than citizens and permanent residents to donate to campaigns, but there are other ways in which you can help defeat Republicans:
  1. Educate whoever you can about the dangers of Republican takeover of Congress and White House.
  2. Help register eligible voters and then provide whatever assistance they need in order to vote.  If it is not possible to vote on election day, it is so much easier to take advantage of absentee ballots.
Update:  Romney announces that Obama DREAMer work permits will be honored by him but no word on whether the DACA program will be renewed. 

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